Plastic is one of man’s greatest inventions. It gives us the power to mould solid objects with
flexibility and strength. Cheap, convenient and sterile, it has changed our lives in many ways.
Unfortunately, it has been destroying the earth, our only home, by polluting our land and water.
Plastic can take centuries to decompose, and the growing piles of plastic waste heed us to
follow greener lifestyles. We have become so dependent on plastic for a wide range of uses that
it's impossible for us to completely rid our lives from it. A rational solution is to find ways to reuse
and recycle the plastic that has been or will be thrown away.
When it comes to recycling plastic and the floor-covering industry, NCJ puts forward our Eco-
Cycle Editions – plush rugs made from recycled plastic. We call them PET rugs, where PET
stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a polyester fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. The
material is known to be both lightweight and strong and can be recycled to create new products.
Plastic bottles are crushed into small bits to form a yarn, and this yarn is used to create rugs.
If you’ve never seen a PET rug before you may be uncertain about its finesse, but a peek would
be enough to discover our PET rugs are intricately woven refined rugs for the earth-conscious
elite. Added to its green qualities, PET rugs feel like a soft pure cotton rug. It is a low-
maintenance rug; it is highly durable, lightweight, stain resistant, and it preserves its colour.
These rugs can be placed in high traffic areas and are easy to clean.
Woven using beautiful patterns, PET rugs are highly appealing eco-friendly floor-coverings. By
using them to decorate your floors you make your spaces aesthetic while also making a choice
to live in harmony with nature.