When it comes to spending hard-earned money, intentionally or unintentionally we all tend to become a penny pincher. For most, deciding to invest a handsome amount on a rug or carpet can be pretty hard. Not to mention the feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and vanity which come along with it. It can be daunting, and we all have been there. 

If you are like most, the one question that pops up in our mind before you decide to buy a premium rug would be ‘is it worth the trouble?’. So is it worth the trouble? Before anything else let me take you through the perks of having a premium rug at your house. The rugs can transform the overall look and feel of your home, enhancing the natural beauty of the space by bringing in more color and texture to it. The rugs itself serve as pieces of art that could get you the envy and admiration of your guests. And they are more durable than their alternative cheap knockoffs. These are just a few from the long list of perks of getting premium rugs to your home. To know more you can always check our other blogs or reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook, or email (online@ncjohn.com).
Buying premium floor-coverings is a task which demands a proper evaluation, weighing all its pros and cons with the money you have to invest. Lucky for you NCJ is one place where you can find a large collection of exquisite floor coverings in styles and prices you won't regret choosing. NCJ offers rugs that are elegant by look, strong by built, premium by make, and cost-effective by quality. And best of all, the whole rug collection is in harmony with nature. Every carpet is made from natural fibres under the best craftsmanship to bring out the real beauty of your home. The floor-coverings are mostly made from jute, sisal, rubber, and coir.
NCJ can help you go green with your home decor, all without making drastic changes in your home budget. So the next time you are in the market for some fine, elegant, and natural rugs you know where to find it.