We know that a doormat may not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you are planning a decor makeover. Doormats are one of the most underrated elements in the whole decor scene and may probably be the last thing on your home decor to-do list. But it should not be and here’s why.

1) Keeping the space clean and spotless:

Entrance doormats play a big role in keeping your homes and offices spotless and beautiful for a long time. It is very effective when it comes to keeping the dirt outside, preventing it from entering interior spaces. They are the perfect motivation people need to wipe their feet before they enter inside, which helps in reducing the amount of dirt that gets inside.

2) Keeping the mud out during the rains: With rain comes mud and wet shoes - this could be a nightmare come true for many, especially those with premium rugs. With some help from our signature doormats this can be easily avoided. Doormats soak up the water and mud from shoes and footwear leaving the insides of your beautiful home clean and dry.

3) Nothing like a gorgeous doormat to welcome your visitors:

Ever heard of the phrase ‘first impression is the best impression’? Just imagine how impressed your visitors will be when they are greeted by an elegant welcoming mat in front of your home or office. Choose from our large collection of colorful and customized doormats.

Now you know why entrance doormats are as important as other elements in home decor. Why wait, get your home or office a luxurious and eco-friendly doormat from NCJ’s exquisite pure fibre range of doormats.