Rugs are undeniably a key part of any home décor, helping animate spaces with more style, colour, and texture. Natural fibre rugs are an eternal designer favourite, their eco-friendly nature making them especially unique. Though rugs are very popular, there exist many myths surrounding them causing confusion and mix-ups. Don’t worry, we are here to bust some of them.

Myth: All rugs are made the same.

Fact: Not all rugs are made alike. There is this misconception that all the rugs are alike and made the same way. That’s just wrong. There are different types and styles of rugs for different spaces. For instance, if we take the weaving patterns there are herringbone, panama, boucle, tiger eye and for material used there are jute, sisal, PET, wool, etc.

Myth: Don’t choose rugs before other elements.

Fact: When someone says to choose rugs after selecting other decor items do yourself a favour, don’t listen to them. Start on the floor and go from there, that would help you save precious time and money. Once the rug has been chosen that becomes the foundation on which you can build the rest of your decor. This could give a more organized feel to your decor.

Myth: Rugs are all about beauty.

Fact: With all the beauty rugs offer to spaces it’s no wonder that people only take it to be a mere decor element to their homes. But in reality, rugs could be more than just that. It could help in maintaining the room temperature, soundproofing, connecting spaces, defining zones, creating texture or bringing in colours.

Myth: Rubber backing is of no use.

Fact: The rubber backing helps in extending the life of rugs by protecting the fibres from being crushed. It also acts as an anti-slip pad which prevents slips and pulls.