Back in the early 70s, when imports were put a stop against, NCJohn came up with a network that allowed sisal to be imported from farms in East Africa. Sisal is a natural, hard fiber that comes from a plant called Agave sisalana. As the plant grows, sword-shaped leaves are produced. The leaves begin growing with small teeth but as maturity kicks in, they fall off.  The leaves have straight, long fibers which are then removed in a process called “decortication”. During this process, the leaves are pounded to get rid off all the pulp. This causes only the fibers to be left behind at the end of it all. On account of it’s exquisite spinning qualities, the fiber is woven in wide widths on a mechanized jacquard. The variety of colors and patterns help give it a sophisticated, and chic finish.  It’s renewable and bio-degradable qualities are the reasons why it’s in high demand worldwide. NCJohn has one of the largest flooring capacities in South India, and this helps contribute to it being the international benchmark for quality and finish.