Planning to go green with your floor coverings? Sisal or jute rugs would be the way to do it. Sisal and jute rugs are dominating the decor scene for they are the best choice to add more color and texture to rooms. Their premium look and feel make them a popular choice among designers. These rugs come in many shades and color tones, fitting well with any theme you choose.




If we had to use one word to describe sisal rugs, it would be durability. It is the toughest of the lot and can withstand high-traffic any day. Made from the natural hard fibres of sisalana or agave plants these rugs are both elegant and enduring. They come in a wide range of colours, as they can be dyed in different hues. Sisal rugs are naturally flame retardant and anti-static.




Jute rugs are one of the best floor-covering choices, whether it be for looks, texture, or use. These rugs are known for their softness, chunky texture, and versatility. The neutral color of the rugs makes them blend easily with any décor theme of your choice. They are classy and their natural texture is enhanced by expert craftsmanship. Adding earthy beauty to your rooms, with durable and easy to maintain jute floor-coverings.