Rugs may seem unessential, but they are more useful than you may think. They are not only an excellent way to really bring out your home decor but they play a significant role in interior decoration and space design, like: 


1. Connecting Spaces:

Similar rugs can be used to connect two spaces or rooms to create a flow between different areas in your home.


2. Defining zones:

One can feel lost in a really spacious room. Rugs can be used to define certain zones of a room - spaces that have been allotted specific activities.


3. Enlivening Hallways:

Many try to liven up their corridors using photos, but nothing really eradicates the dullness of a corridor like a beautiful runner. Runner rugs can be used to connect pathways if paired with similarly patterned rugs in the adjacent rooms.


4. Sound Proofing:

Rugs are a great way to create soundproof floors, especially if you have hardwood or tiled floors.


5. Acting Pieces of Art:

Designed rugs can be hung on walls as art. This is a unique way to embellish your home and give your rooms an artsy and chic feel.


6.  Creating Texture:

A textured rug can add stunning depth to your floors, or even an appealing contrast. This would further heighten the personality of your home.


7. Brightening a Room:

A room with dark themes can end up being dingy and dull. Bring in some much-needed contrast and a touch of uplifting brightness, by adding a rug of a lighter shade.


8. Bringing in Colour:

A room that is furnished using a single colour theme (for example, a white-themed room), requires a dash of colour for a trendy balance. This task can be achieved easily by introducing a rug of a bright shade.


9. Designing Personality:

Some rugs have particular textures, fibres, patterns, and unique designs. There are those with a certain importance, that arises from the methods with which they are processed or the aim with which they are produced. These rugs add character to a room, by highlighting the theme and telling the decorator's story.


Rugs, as you now know, are beautiful and versatile elements of home decor.  Any aesthetic home that prides itself in the way it is furnished and adorned has a beautiful rug that completes the look. Logically place your rug to reap its benefits and create an exquisite narrative.