The herringbone weave is a form of the twill weave. The twill weave is when the fabric is woven to give you a pattern of diagonal, or “twill” lines that lean either left, or right. The difference with the herringbone weave is that twill lines are placed in opposite directions which gives it a reversed pattern. The uniqueness of this design has been termed due to it’s similarities with that of a herring fish.


The panama weave, also called as the basket weave, is an amplified version of the plain weave. The plain weave is known as the simplest, and one of the four most common fabric structures. It consists of two different yarns being woven criss cross, one on top of the other, making it look like a checkerboard. The panama weave follows the same process except that here the adjoining threads of yarn are combined in pairs. The pattern formed is like that of a basket, hence the name.


Boucle is heavy fabric that is woven to present an irregular pattern of loops and curls. Boucle weaves are made in an easy one-step process using a hollow spindle. The consistency of the loops are achieved by controlling the distance between both the middle points, where the yarn comes together.

Tiger Eye:

The Tiger eye is a complex weave designed to look exactly as it’s name: a tiger’s eyes. This weave is close to nature, and is popular because it represents regalness.